Sunday, July 12, 2015

the happenings....

 Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in Him  Proverbs 30:5

hello blog... hello world! well... really,  hello to those couple of sweet people that read my blog! ;)  

yes its been over 6 months since I posted but we aren't going to talk about that ha!  but dang I miss my blog! I do love instagram but still like the more personal feel of a blog. I keep up more on facebook just because I can see everyone there and keep family and friends updated but again, miss my blog always.

sooo lots of going ons.... lets see....
family, doing some garden, loss of dogs :( dang its been a hard year last year of losing animals :(  and took in another puppy, yes we are up to 4 dogs! love animals!!!  also might be getting a new horse soon!!! I will post another post about Lando the horse, its an amazing story though how God is blessing me!  After Speedy died, I just didn't function well... I know so many people will think its just a horse but he was seriously my best friend in animal form :) he helped me function daily and was so good for me, kept me going in ways that were needed weekly. It took a huge toll on me when I lost him. I am getting better though, I still cry over him, I still get mad at times but just focusing on the good memories that God gave me with him has been helpful. 

also stopped taking sewing orders a few months ago, needed to breathe and get my house back in shape, revamp my craft room because you could seriously not even walk in there, yikes it was so bad. its not a ton better now but tons of improvements and getting there...just more slowly than I hoped ;) did a bit of sewing for me, felt a bit selfish but gosh it felt so good...really want to get those quilts finished for me and my family and some home decor items for our home. Started a couple new quilts too and have been buying fabric!  which is always so much fun! but kind of goes back to why my craft studio is such a mess... keep buying and not enough sewing going on! OOOH! something else I almost forgot... I am doing my first real craft boutique in Dec!!! yikes! super excited and nervous but very much looking forward to it also  :) 

I have so many pictures to share but since I can't share them all today I will add this one of my beautiful sunflowers that I planted in my garden :) some of them reached 12ft!!! aren't they beautiful? it was my first time also harvesting the seeds and roasting them!  


Dee said...

Love hearing from you wherever you share!

Dana Gaffney said...

You blogged! I'm so proud of you, LOL. So you decided on the December date, good for you, I know you'll be happy you did. Those sunflowers are gorgeous.