Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 well I think every year I have done a blog post that I was going to start up my blog again...hehe! yes lame I know when I haven't kept it up, but hey, might as well not break the tradition, right? lets try to get it going again!
2014 was a year filled with crazy busyness, hubby had lots and lots of vacation to use or lose and although its nice for him to be home, my time is just not my time and I have been needing my routine.  I have been selling a lot of my sewn items, which has been a lot of fun and I have met the nicest people and have been blessed with the little extra income and such so I was pretty wrapped up in that. Oct was very hard , I lost my best friend, Speedy :( one of the hardest times in my life for sure.  He knew all my secrets and taught me so much about everything. Not a day goes by that I don't cry for him. I miss him terribly :( I thank God that I have so many wonderful memories with him though and am so blessed he was in my life.

I have so many so many sewing projects I have made and would love to get them on this blog and also share with you but instead of putting 297 pictures on this post, I will just share as I go along :)

Overall 2014 was good and I am totally blessed but I am eager to do 2015 a bit different, Lord willing :) my goal is to get back to my quilting, yes I said that last year and didn't make one quilt :( took on one too many orders BUT I am learning to pace myself and will do it this year! hold me accountable okay? Also joined project leasa so sew from our stash! what a concept huh?!! hehe! anyways I have a huge stash so this should be easy :) join in if you want!

I have to share my latest apron I made, I picked out fabrics for one for me and happened to show them to a friend and she has been amazing so I made her one to match, well hers is completed, mine is almost done :)
I love all cherry/strawberry and heck even apple fabrics and have been hoarding this aqua cherry fabric forever! the Pam Kitty fabric gingham and text are two of my all time favorites for sure!

I also preordered this quilt kit quilt along from Fat Quarter Shop
I am nervous as heck to do it but its totally me and I had to have it! what is also amazing is the donations that will be made to St. Judes Childrens Research :)

okay...well I am leaving it at this... hugs and find the blessings in everything!
oh and I forgot to mention my new word for this year, its BECOME :) lots of meaning behind this word. 


Dee said...

I have loved watching this side of you and your sewing take off! How fun and exciting...but I have missed seeing things you've sewn for fun and for you! Here's to seeing more on the blog of both! Happy New Year!

Katie Quilts said...

You go girl!! Love the quilt you are planning to make! Can'st wait to see it.

oopsiemaizie said...

hi leslie... getting caught up on some blogs this morning... I was so sad to read about speedy... our pets become such a huge part of us and our families... hang onto those memories with him... I also love seeing all of your sewing projects... you pick such cute fabrics... happy 2015 to you, friend!!! xx