Thursday, July 19, 2012


  things are getting in the way of me sewing and blogging! they are lovely things and I am blessed with those things but I miss my sewing and I miss my blog

Since May...
my son went to a 2nd prom, with a girl we love and that he has known since 6th grade

there were several award ceremonies to attend for Zach
track/cross country

Scholarship awards (go Zach!!!)
                   and then of course high school graduation (and attended some friends graduation also)
                                                                    Zach walking in!

              I don't know what he is smiling about in this picture but I am happy that he is so happy!

we had a nice big graduation party with lots of friends and family (I will leave all those pics out!)
Zach and I have been doing soo many college things that have to be done, ugh! it stresses me out!

We added another horse to the family, meet Rip...

Now we have a whole herd :)

(horses grazing on our front yard pasture)

on the sewing area of my life...the list of *want to do's* in the previous post, out of 23 items on my list to complete, I completed 10, not great but not soo bad with all I had going on, I always set my goals too high :) I have so many quilts to finish and several smaller projects.

in the running area of my life, the podiatrist put me in a boot to wear but it actually made my foot way worse, I babied my foot for about a month, then I started going to the gym and sitting in the jacuzzi and it did wonders for my foot, I have ran 2 times each week for the past 3 weeks and today I ran 4 miles! hope my foot feels good tomorrow!

Last night when I couldn't sleep, I read some of the book of Proverbs, on my Kindle Fire of all places! I have read verses in there before, but wowzers, a few verses hit me hard at this time in my life. I really need to start a new Bible Study, I am thinking of another Beth Moore (LOVE Beth Moore!) anways, thinking of doing this one



Dana Gaffney said...

Wow, lots of milestones. Congratulations to Zack, it looks like he's ready for his future. Yea, for the new horse, I was hoping you would do that. You sound stressed but happy, so things are just about right.

ktquilts said...

Wow, and I thought 4-H was keeping me busy. I will be praying for your foot, and I think I need that Bible Study! Let me know if you want a long distance study buddy.

Blessings all over you Sister!

Cathy said...

LOLLOLOL...that is the best picture of Rip you could possibly take! So cool! I will be showing Lauren for sure! :)

You son and his friend looked so nice in their prom attire! Hope it was full of special memories for them~ ♥♥♥