Thursday, May 3, 2012

overy my head in projects

  seriously!  do you ever say "if I wouldn't of committed to this"  or "if I wouldn't of wasted my time" (on Pinterest and words with friends hee!)  so on and so on... that you would have half those projects done? especially when you really want to make time for Randi's May sew along (which I LOVE each month) and now possibly this small projects sew along and have totally slacked on better my home challenge, which would have really helped me tons if I would have kept up!

I have attended a good friends adoption ceremony, which was beautiful, I have done some training with the horses but not ridden enough,  gone to A LOT of track meets and I stopped being a recluse and finally made time for a couple of dates with a few different friends AND have had to do too many college forms and scholarship applications with Zach, can you believe he graduates high school this month?!! a lot mixed feelings about that.

Basically, I want to sew, and I mean sew a lot this month, I also have a few home projects I want to accomplish and I am using the date of May  24-26 as an inspiration deadline since we are having Zachs graduation party!!!

have you checked out Randi's sew along this month? a super cute lap sized quilt!  can't decide if I am using white background with possibly oranges, blues and greens? if you know me, I will probably change my mind :)


as for crazy mom quilts small projects sew along here is my list, I am sure I won't get everything done, but it's a list and I am good at making lists and not getting all things done :)

                                                                  crazy mom quilts

  1. frame pouch #1
  2. frame pouch #2
  3. kitchen towells
  4. fabric coasters
  5. kitchen curtain (simple cafe style)
  6. table runner for dining room table
  7. bunting/garland #1
  8. bunting/garland #2
  9. dish drying pad (my dishwasher broke 2 months ago!)
  10. finish up rest of sofa pillows
  11. burp cloths #1
  12. burp cloths #2
  13. pillows for bedroom?
  14. start quilt for Zach (this is big, not small!)
  15. zip pouch office aid #1
  16. zip pouch office aid # 2
  17. zip pouch office aid #3
  18. zip pouch #4
  19. zip pouch #5
  20. kitchen rug?
  21. mothers day gift
  22. kindle case #1
  23. kindle case #2
also, when I became addicted to Pinterest, I told some friends if I want to spend (waste) time on pinning, I need to actually do a 3-5 projects a month that I pin. I have made 2 meals from recipes I found and then I did this the other night, I love how it turned it, I may need to go find more rocks that we have brought home from various camping/hunting/picnic trips and stamp words on them now!

lets get busy sewing!


Dana Gaffney said...

All of it sounds fun except the application forms. Keeping busy is probably going to help you through this "traumatic" event (graduation). I had to laugh when I saw your list of little things, that should keep you busy for the rest of the year.

Cathy said...

Hi Leslie!!! It was so good to hear from you, and see you blogging again! Whoa! You have a huge goal in mind for May, but I know you can do it!!! Keep your nose to the grind stone!~ Congrats to your dear son! How exciting!

I am stepping up my goals to complete my TO DO list too. It feels good to get some of these projects done!

Hey, I LOVE your Jesus Rock! Jesus Rocks, and He IS my ROCK! :) ♥♥♥

randi--i have to say said...

I want to join Amanda Jean's little club too, but I don't have time to put together a list! Sheesh! Guess I will have to just sew along with you all in my mind and heart. :)

randi--i have to say said...

Ps--LOVING that rock!

Polka Dot Palm Tree said...

Love your blog and your cool projects! Just awarded you the Liebster Award. Check out my blog to see the details.

Sarah said...

What a list!! I've got a pretty long list these days too... and congrats on Zach graduating!

By the way, I just noticed you got a Liebster Award in the last comment - I just put you on my blog for the same thing! Great minds and all... ha!

Carolyn's Family said...

I love you Rock..Love you and all..