Saturday, September 29, 2012

BYH - September


Stephanie over at Just me, my soldier and our 4 little chicks has been doing a Blog your Heart (BYH) posts, since my blogging has been so sporadic, AND I just told Jim and Zach and a few friends that I really miss blogging, I figured I would do a post like this  to get a jump start on blogging, might as well keep it real right off the bat, right?!! thanks Stephanie!!!
remember the rules! Stephanie has a nice set of rules if you comment  after reading these kinds of posts :)

1.  first off, I am sooo blessed, I have a wonderful husband and son,  couldn't ask for better! I have a little peice of land and I have lots of animals, yes I do want more but one acre doesn't hold a whole lot! hubby has a great job and we both like me still being home even though our kid is 18 and just started college, hubby likes me off when he is off, so it just works for us :) of course I get all the questions of what I am going to do with my life and what job I am going to get get since I must be bored to death, ummm NO, I am so super busy and wish I had a few more free hours! :) love my life :)

 2.  I am not liking how I am not keeping up on things, mainly my house and yard, I feel things are out of order, if people came over they would think my place is clean but open up the laundry room, the cabinets and the closets, they would know the disarray...

3.  I do not like that I haven't been exercising regulary, first I need to for my panic/anxiety atttacks, the running helps me tremendously, so why have I  slacked? also the weight...ugh, these 15-20 pounds feel horrible on me

4.  being a bit bitter at times since having another family member and a baby (love them both so much!) move in with us in our very small home,  I want my craftroom back! I am usually never bitter, I feel selfish at times wanting my old schedule and freedom

5. my's getting out of control, from worrying about Zach trying to do school/work/coaching, and money, worrying about my health, and worrying to make sure I have things done, having family move in with us (which is a blessing, I know God is using us). I am relying on God, I guess just not enough...

6.  my level of procrastination is bad right now, I mean I know I have a new baby in the house and another adult and that has been the procrastination reason as of the last month, but what about before that? whats my excuses? running, house projects, practicing my signing (asl), scrapbooking, sewing, etsy shop, blog and  organization projects all NEED and WANT to be done :)

7. I love my 3 horses but ever since I had a near collision, that ugly fear really settled in, it's been holding me back, I can't stand that I am fearful when I try to do new things on the horse I mostly ride, riding my horses is my passion, I pray that God will help me get over these fears, besides that, I am freaking out my horse! ha!

8.  I want and need a church for us, we need to stop church hopping and then not going, I just pray God leads us to one,  I wish Zach's college didn't get in the way of his youth group, praying that can change in January

9.  I have lots and I mean LOTS of new fabric and scrapbooking goodies to use up and play with, I am almost embarrased how much I have and haven't used up anything lately. :O

well those are  the biggy, stressful and not so pretty things going on right now but I know I am truly blessing in so many ways! God is good.

hopefully by Tues I will have a post with sewing or scrapbooking on it!


Christine Campbell said...

Totally understand so much of this: the procrastination and the fear...but you know what, fear is means you still have something to loose...though it's scary and makes you feel like your heart is going to leave your chest permanently, JUST GO DO IT!!!! Once I force myself to do something I know deep down I really want to do...I feel so much better! Don't put so much pressure on yourself - you are doing everything the best you can right now. :)

Krys72599 said...

How can you feel guilty about not getting more done? Your life sounds SO full, between opening your home to family who needs it, to taking care of your own family, to your horses, to your creative pursuits (when you have time!)!
My only word of advice (and believe me, I KNOW I have a lot of nerve saying this!): make time for you!!! You deserve it, too!!!

Krys72599 said...

Oops - forgot to say thanks for visiting my blog!!

Keshet said...

I hear you on the lots of new goodies front:) Hope you have time to play with them soon!

ktquilts said...

Rest in The Lord. There are many seasons in life, I am learning to try to enjoy them all. I will be praying for you and I both seem to have so many of the same struggles.

Claire T said...

I am not surprised you are feeling a little overwhelmed with so much change going on in your life. I would echo make time for yourself and do the things that make you happy. The contents of your laundry cupboard are behind doors...unless it is really bothering you, in which case sort it and move that energy onto something fun.

Dee said...

Well, all I can say is that at the end of the day, we all lay our heads down on the breast of a Father who loves us no matter what we do, or don't do.

Remember that! He loves you and I'm so glad to see you blogging again!

stephanie said...

I read your bio first and noticed that you and I have so much in common! Both country girls that are living in the city (though I had always felt a tug toward the city..), who run (in my case, sometimes..) and love sweet tea. Your life sounds full and blessed! I understand the procrastination part.. I do it almost everyday. :/
Good luck with everything!

Stephanie Howell said...

Wow, how full and rich your life sounds. You are so blessed. Thank you so much for joining in. xoxo

Dana Gaffney said...

I finally got over here and read your beautiful and honest post. You know how I feel, you are more important than anything else so make sure you're taking care of yourself, get running and sewing. Lots of hugs.