Friday, March 30, 2012

very grateful...

         now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see Hebrews 11:1 

very grateful that I have gotten some of my heaing back after going deaf again in my right ear (this is the 3rd time, has this every happened to any of you out there?) very grateful that I know some ASL, I need to be practicing more, I really believe God puts things in our lives over time and this is proof! I am really grateful that I know some people in the deaf community that I know will help me also, what a blessing huh?!!

very grateful for these two guys (and my mom)

Jim has had to be out of town for work a lot this year so far, he can't stand traveling but I am grateful for him being such a great provider and always doing what he can for our family.
Zach is an amazing son, he helps me all the time, he is a super good kid, he is funny and smart and I have had it sooo easy being a mom to him.

grateful for road trips with Zach, a 3 hour trip home turned into a 9 hour trip! lots of fun music, chocolate and jerky :) fun times for sure!

Also very grateful that I am able to have (okay, these are material things, but I am grateful for them)
I have been super spoiled lately, but I have a new iphone and Jim surprised me with a new Kindle Fire 2 weeks ago (I love it!) and so I get to use my super nice Bernina to sew a case for the new Kindle,

and also been able to sew along with friends, thanks Randi!

also be able to do a few custom orders (hi JaJuan!)

also grateful for getting a special gift from a friendin the mail on a day I really needed it!

 I have so much more that I am grateful for the family that chooses to be in my life, my 2 horses, 4 dogs, 1 cat and fish :) running and the flowers on my porch :)

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Grandma G said...

I love all the pouches and things you've sewn! Looks like a beautiful job on each one!

Carolyn's Family said...

I love all the things you have made Leslie..Love you bunches, Zach and Jim too..:)

Dana Gaffney said...

I read this after sending you the email this morning, I think it answers my questions. I love the sewing you're doing, so bright and happy! The hearing loss is worrisome, what's causing that? I'm grateful to see you're all doing well.

Cathy said...

Hi Leslie...You are one blessed wife, mother, daughter, friend, Christian, sewer, horse owner and gal!!! We need to thank The Good LORD more often for all our blessings! Even things like your hearing problems can be 'hidden' blessings before His Glory! Hope you have a great Saturday! ♥♥♥

Dee said...

Oh Leslie, we are both so blessed...I love your posts and emails...they're chats with a friend who is far away...but wishing we lived, me, KT...all sitting down to have "Mom" time to chat, laugh, pray and cry when we need to. Glad you are a bloggy friend who is also a sister!

Katie said...

I adore the chevron print! I've been seeing it everywhere, except my local shop :-( I'm going to have to break down and order some!
Also, I know ASL, my sister is almost totally deaf (she has hearing aids)and we've been using ASL for about 20 years. It's kind of fun actually, almost like a secret language!

tasha said...

hi leslie!! it sure has been awhile! i'm sorry to about your hearing problem....did the hearing come back? i hope you are well.

i love all of the handmade things you are making...especially the chevron things!! i love that tote and the red pillow...cute!! i have 2 gray chevron pillows, but i'm thinking that red one would be cute too! how many chevron pillows should one have? hmmm? :)

oh, and i love the bunting! so sweet!!

have a wonderful week!

ktquilts said...

I have never lost my hearing. Can't imagine. My ASL very rusty. Glad to hear that your hearing is returning. Prying this is the last time, and that it is fully restored.

Everything you made is looking great! Need to get a post out about my pouches. Loving Randi's sew-a-long.

Hugs to you, Sister!

Heather said...

So good to see all you've been doing lately. Such beautiful projects! And such a lovely post, too. You know, your kind heart always shines through when you write, whether in a blog post or an email. I'm thankful to count you among my blogging friends. ;o)

randi--i have to say said...

this is a very inspiring post, leslie! such gratitude here!

i have been trying to practice "rejoice always" and i find my heart happier when i do. it's too easy to fall into complaining mode!

Jennifer said...

hey leslie, i love the things you've made and i've been following you blog for some time now -- i'm sorry to hear about your hearing loss, its strange to me that its coming and going like that? (I'm a teacher of the deaf but in an oral program so no signing) -- I'm in a similar boat though, i'm working on my asl as well, i'm looking to take a job in a program where signing is used.. if you need any resources for asl don't hesitate to ask!

Tracy Johnson said...

Sweet pouches and bags. I love hearing about your family.

I just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. You can find out all the details on my blog post

Polka Dot Palm Tree said...

I love your blog and just awarded you the Liebster award. It looks like someone got to it before me. I guess you get it twice.