Wednesday, February 8, 2012

crashing after being too ambitious?!!

  does that happen to anyone else? so with the new year, I had sooo much ambition and sooo many plans! I knew I was probably setting myself up but decided to jump in, too deep!
 I joined Heather and planned on doing my whole house with purging and organizing a major area each month, I did great starting my craft room, I am still doing ok with it, need to organize some more scrapbooking things and paint it and then I will be done. I am also starting Feb home project, so Iwill have to do 2 this month!

I had dreams of doing many sewalongs and quiltalongs, which I did start but of course still behind on a few but haven't been actually participating on flickr and such.

Then I told Zach, my son that I would do that 10K with him January 28, well in Dec, I ran 1 time, nice huh? January,  I ran 3 times, how is that for training for a 10k? the week of Londons run, which was on a Saturday, well the Tues before, I thought (my first mistake!) that I should try to run 6 miles to make sure I could do it, not a smart thing, not to up your mileage from barely running! but I did okay, ran slow and just made sure I could run 6 miles, and almost peed my pants! seriously! well come Saturday, I was a nervous wreck but I promised Zach that I would do it and I did! I ran 6.28 miles, my goal was to do it in under an hour, I passed the finish line in 59.17 !!! that is a 9.32 mile pace, but oh well, could be faster but it could be slower and I am proud of myself for doing it. Zach was so sweet and ran with me at the end, he did GREAT, he placed 3rd in his age group and 13th overall out of 533 people! (I think I placed 181 out of 533)

   (no I do not normally tuck my nike ipod in my chest area but I was tying myshoe and  stuck it  there stuck it there really 
       quick and just forgot about it!)
Here comes the crashing part, I think I just over did it, running into town with my mom, babysitting, upping my mileage, lack of sleep and trying to do tooo many things, I got the worse head cold, the worst one I have ever had. Its gone now, thank God, it was a doozy and totally knocked me out of commission. God has a way of slowing us down huh? and helps us put things into perspective :)

All is good and I am back up and running in all areas of my life!


ktquilts said...

Lookin great! A big wahoo on the finish! But remind me to never borrow your iPod!


Glad you are on the other side of the cold.

Dana Gaffney said...

Congratulations on the run, pretty good after all the training you did ;) I'm glad to hear you've been crazy busy and all is well, sorry about the cold.

Heather said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, girl! Finishing that run would be an awesome achievement even if you didn't do another thing all month. You should be SO proud of yourself! Woohoo!

I'm so glad that you're feeling better, and please don't stress out about the home challenge and start feeling like you're "behind." You've made progress, and that's what matters. There's not enough time in a month to totally finish some jobs -- this month will be that way for me. I'll be happy just to get my area de-cluttered. The rest of my wishful to-do list will just have to wait -- maybe til next year! lol

Dee said...

Gracious...I live vicariously through you! LOL I'm so jealous of being able to run at all! Osteosrthritis here that keeps me at a slower pace...but I'm so proud of you for running with Zach. We watched Courageous last night and that was one thing the dad did to spend more time with his son. Glad to hear you're feeling better. You needed a break. Pacing while walking, running or in any are of life is a good thing. Remember that! LOL

Love your heart and spirit!

randi--i have to say said...

good. for. you.

i think it's wonderful that you did the run! wish we lived closer and you could challenge me! i have a 5k in about 1-1/2 weeks and i haven't run in about 2 months. aaargh!

Cathy said...

My three kids are all marathan runners, but my son and youngest daughter are the most serious about it. My son is VERY serious about it, and as I posted in my blog, but got done with one in New Mexico. ♥♥♥ Hope you are not going to give up on running.~! I always think I'll do more than I actually do. I love dreaming I am more productive than I am! LOL