Sunday, January 12, 2014

back to blogging!

 geez, I think I blogged 3 times last year? well enough of that... I miss blogging, a lot! I miss looking at blogs along my sidebar, the past 6 months I have hardly looked at any blogs, and between my favorite blogs and Pinterest, I need both in my life ;)

so whats new, with you few readers of mine? I have missed you! fill me in! with me, lets see....we got another horse!!! his name is Moose, so I have 4 now! Zach is in his 2nd semester of his Sophomore year! where does time go!!! I had my little etsy shop, Blessings and Blossoms  but never got too serious with it because I started my Facebook business page, Blessings and Blossoms and because I have the BEST customers and friends, the FB page has kept me sewing like a mad woman the last 6 months! so now that it is January, I am slowing down (again!), revamping my craft room with new paint on the walls and purging/organizing! took Jane (my Bernina sewing machine) into the shop for a tune up, just in case and I have been making enough to start my ASL private lessons again! super excited and very nervous about doing it!  I learned so much about myself in  the past 6 months while sewing for others, I work well under pressure, I can do more than I think I can, I can and need to say no sometimes (very hard one for me!) and its okay to take chances and fail but I can also take chances and succeed! Hoping to scrapbook more, I miss it the most maybe? but also making my quilts, I have been doing so many small sewing projects but making my quilts are going to really be a priority in my life, I recently emailed a friend if she knew of any quilt alongs I could start and after I sent it to her I just laughed and thought "geez, why not finish at least one of the 4 quilts you have started!" I might still start a new quilt while working on another that I already started.

well I told a couple of friends that I would blog this week, well I did it! (yay me! lol) and it is just as fun as I remembered!  need to add a few new blogs I love also! hugs, everyone!


Carla said...

Welcome back : )

Dana Gaffney said...

Well look who showed up in my blog feed! I'm so glad to see you back.

Dee said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! What an encouraging blessing to read all that God has been doing in your the growth and wisdom you've had and learned along the way! So thankful you share your ups and downs and keep things real! What is your FB page so I can "like" you! That would be fun!

Love you and your heart!