Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organzing and playing

        I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except thru me. John 14:6

trying to play along anyways! I am wanting to scrapbook and sew really badly, my stye of a craft room is being rehauled, when I say rahauled, I mean rehauled! I am tired of having my room so cluttered and overfilled and sooo unorganized! I won't get rid of too much but I really do need to go thru and put like with likes, purge (a little) and move things around. This room is on my  Better Homes Challenge list. My room is just 10'X10' and one whole wall is counter high cabinets with cabinets above. Trying to make the room hold years of scrapbooking things and now a couple of years of sewing items and fabric and a little of embroidery and other small crafts is challenging! I do need to remember this room is small but also trying to maximize space. I have an oversize kitchen table that holds my computer and sewing machine, which is so conveinent when reading a tutorial online but the table is large and I am wonding if I should keep it or not, lots of deciding going on in the next couple of days regarding this room. I will share pictures soon!
Right now there are  sew alongs and sewing with scraps, and the different weekly shares that bloggers do, and I need and want to be doing these but I must focus on this room but perhaps just sew and scrap a little ;) There are a couple of quilt alongs that I really want to start but I might wait for one to start maybe in a month or so just so I am not setting myself up for failure and give myself a chance to get most of this project done.
Are you organzing like a mad woman like me?
I can't post this post without a picture so here is one that I took yesterday! Zach definetly has an adventerous side and he doesn't get that from me, I am glad Cadet is a good boy! not a great picture since I snapped with my cell very quickly!


Dee said...

Love that cowboy! and the horse for being so tolerant. The boys were jumping waterfalls and huge boulders in the Smokies...made me a little (read that a lot) nervous, but boys will be boys.

I'm changing over winter wardrobes from summer/fall since the weather has been so mild. Figuring up grades for coop classes I teach and here at home. Scheduling dentists and college visit appointments and I have a front hallway, den and computer/horror of a nightmare computer room to do this year. Yikes. Praying for you to accomplish His Will first and all things in submission to that! Happy 2012!

Heather said...

I have that same challenge in my small sewing room. I know how you feel! It's amazing how much stuff you can squirrel away into a small space. I didn't even add that room to my list, but I know I'll have to do some organizing in there, too. It's a constant shuffling of stuff around here! lol Definitely have to take time out for fun things, too, though. I made a scrappy baby quilt top the other day for another challenge. Can't resist! :o)

Gayle said...

That picture of Zach looks just like the crazy things we did with our horses when we were kids. Yikes!

Haven't started organizing my craft room yet cuz I'm absolutely dreading it!!!

Michele said...

Organizing a craft room is far from easy or quick, at least for me it is! Love the picture :-)