Wednesday, November 2, 2011

18?!! EIGHTEEN?!! already? seriously?!!

6 months (look at those little legs!)

almost 2 years (the bluest eyes)

almost 3 years (again, look at those little legs!)

almost 5 years (so sweet)

5 years (camo'd out hunting)

9 years (with his bestest buddy Cleo)

10 almost 11 (first deer killed)

11 years (chubby cheeks)

12 years

14 years (where did the chubby cheeks go?!!)

15 years (high school)

16 years (becoming a man)

17 years (strong, in so many area's of his life)

17 years old (3rd deer killed)

I will get a picture today of him turning 18 years old, I am not old enough to have an 18 year old kid!
Zach seriously has been the best kid, I don't deserve such an easy going kid, he is nice, smart, funny, stubborn, responsible, outgoing, tall (6ft), tenderhearted guy. God blessed me so much when he gave me Zach, I am the luckiest mom!



Dana Gaffney said...

I loved this. How does that happen that they grow up so quickly? He's pretty amazing, so just stand back and be proud, you did a good job.

Cheryl said...

Oh Leslie! He has grown into such a handsome young man - you should be so proud of him!

Toni said...

He sounds like a great kid! Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday to Zach!

ktquilts said...

Party!!! Eighteen is an exciting age!!! Blessings to all!!

Dee said...

Sorry I missed this! What an awesome look into his life you've given us...wait 'til he's almost 20!

Happy Belated Birthday!

april_sp1 said...

Yikes! It seems like it went by so quickly for you. Be proud that you and Jim raised such a wonderful baby into a strong young man! Imagine another 18 years from now! :)