Thursday, September 15, 2011

horses, thrifting, cross country, family, books...I live a good life :)

first up is horses...Jim and I have been trying to ride 2 times a week when he is off on Fridays, sometimes we can still squeeze riding 2 times a week if we do a quick ride before church, but now with cross country meets every Saturday morning and with it being hot it hasn't been happening, but when the cooler weather comes I can see us always riding 2-3 times a week :)  poor Zach hasn't been able to ride because of cross country practices so maybe when the season is over he can start up again

Here is Speedy and I...
I have been a bit nervous and a few things have shook my confidence but trying to get past that! still wondering if I should try a bit on Speedy, not sure about this whole hackamore stuff :) Speedy is really coming around and adapting to our family and is starting to show more affection, I have been working with him quite a bit so he has been testing me quite a bit too... this is just in an area about 2 miles from our house...

lots of thrifting lately, it's been fun...(I know Jim is probably cringing if he ends up reading this)
I love my kitchen items especially!

 I mean...LOOK at these cute plates?!! I wish they would have had the whole set!

 found a few cute skirts, they fit pretty good but I know if I just lost 10 pounds they would be perfect on me with no hips buldging out :)
love the embroidery work on this one ($4)

this one is just a simple skirt, pretty casual but super comfy! ($3)

I am in love with this shirt, seriously! it's soo cute with my jeans and boots, Jim says I look like a peasant or a ragamuffin....whatever...                                                                                                                                                                                                      ($1.99)                                                                      

This stack of pillowcases that I might make into an apron and that top flowery fabric is a girls dress, I figure I am going to cut it up and use the fabric though...                                                                                         

now onto Cross Country...this first picture is Zachs race up in Scottsdale, he did really good and felt good, some good friends came to watch him too, it was a good day!                                                                    

these next two pictures are up in Payson, Jim ditched work for 2 hours and we drove up there to watch Zach run, it was beautiful weather and it was green, beautiful area up there, Zach did good, after the race, Jim and I had a dinner date at Chili's :)                                                                                                                     

Usually Zach is too tired as soon as he finishes a race to stand around a take a pic with ol' mom, but this day he did :) I am making sure I really enjoy everything with him right now, with this being his senior year and he is busy, busy and gone soo much, I can't even imagine what this next year is going to be like....I have to stop talking about it or I will start crying ;) (seriously though I will!)

he is headed to California this weekend to go run cross country!!! (I wish I could have gone! lol)

finally finished reading this book, it's really good and perfect for me in the area of my life right now                                                                                                                                                                           

Just started this book, I want to see the movie so bad since I have been hearing how good it is

Been sewing a teeny tiny bit but I messed up but will share that on the next post and hopefully will have a few other projects to share....yes I really do sew (and scrapbook!)
I am really blessed and have a good life, much better than I deserve :)  God has been very busy in my life lately though...I am excited to see what happens in a few areas of my life :)

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ktquilts said...

Lovin' it all sister!! Copied a picture of the first book you mentioned. I know you have encouraged me to read it before. Now another dear sister in Christ has as well. Guessing God wants me to stop by the Christian book store tomorrow afternoon. I read the Help after seeing the movie. But for one part I would have let my daughter read it. The movie may be the best one I have ever seen! Treasure loved it too!