Tuesday, August 9, 2011

right now...

 riding Cadet and Speedy a lot lately even though it's so hot, we just get out early in the morning :)

I just started this book (again)....it's the kind of book that is right where you are in your life...(for me personally anyways)

some misc sewing that has been done for my friend Jen, 4 camo pillowcases and 2 camo throw pillows

a little something extra for Jen

playing catch up with 2 quilt alongs and keeping up with friends, school is in and Zach is a senior this year! (re: the book I am reading! ha!)

building a nice big hay barn to hold several squeezes of hay (if we want) right now there is just 1 squeeze (64 bales) of alfalfa and about 20 bales of bermuda (and 1 of 4 German Shorthairs needing to help)

getting ready to build a pasture for the 2 oversize pets and start Clinton Andersons DownUnder Horsemanship program (yikes! I am a little intimidated, hope I can do it good)

doing some running, my toe is doing great! I can't wait for fall, I want to start my fall garden, I am in the mood to organize and purge of a lot of my stuff, I would love to sew and scrapbook lots more but between cross country, horses, family, we will see if I can squeeze it in!

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ktquilts said...

Okay, I am tired just reading that!!! LOL!
Glad you are enjoying your horses. Sewing will be there!