Friday, July 8, 2011

a horse is a horse of course of course...

  may that song be stuck in your head the rest of the day! ha! ;)

sometimes I think Jim, Zach and I have lost our minds getting 2 horses at our age, well I am not old but Jim is ;) Zach isn't....but....we went about this pretty fast, thanks to Rebecca my sweet friend really making this dream come true, she started it all and gave us Cadet :) (love ya Becky!)

just wanted to share some pictures....(yes we are rednecks letting our horses pasture in the front and back yard :) when we moved here we never planned on having horses so none of our property is laid out for horses, we are working on that though and want to make a nice little pasture for these two :)  (you can see their corral in the back)

                                                                   Cadet and Speedy

                            the herd....ha! 2 horses, 4 dogs and 1 cat, they are all learning to get along

                                               Speedy and the cat don't even mind each other!

                                               I guess we were always meant to get horses,
                                               our dogs have always had 2 horse trofts to drink
                                               from since they get in it too to keep cool here in
                                               the AZ summers :)

I got stepped on by Speedy 2 weeks ago (welcome to the horse world right?!!) was sort of my fault...he ripped my big toenail off in the process, very painful when you get stepped on by a horse ;)  we have been riding at least 2 days a week, sometimes 3, until my foot got stepped on and I couldn't get any shoe on but 3 days ago I finally got my boot back on! yay!

well hopefully I will have some crafty things to show you on the next post


Ramona said...

I don't think you guys are nuts at all. They are beautiful. I hope they bring you many years of joy. :) Sorry about your toe. Hope it's almost all better by now. :)

april_sp1 said...

I love your horses! They are very pretty. I always wonder what happens in the summer here, don't they get hot from being outside for so long?