Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i know...i know...

dont' have to say it....yes I am a procrastinator.....when things get busy the blog is the first to go :)
anyways...onto more important things!
what has been keeping me busy? well I guess I can share a few pics to explain it all....

  1. picture I don't have.... it just requires lots of prayers for a special little boy that lives next door :(
    2.  (the diaper bag that took me way too long to sew, will show more pics later)

3.  track

4.  building a big project ;) (will show for what in a post below)

5. then we had Zachs first prom...awww.. her name is Rachel, isn't she cute? enough about her ;) ...look at Zach! isn't he so handsome?!!

6.  then we got Cadet :)

7.  more track...

8.  Roosevelt Lake trip (fun times!!!)

                                                             (good friends visiting us at lake)

9.  Mothers Day...

10. and even more track :)

                                                           11.  Then Speedy arrived :)

phew!    more to come :) thanks to you all that wonder where I have been :)
(Dee, check your email )


ktquilts said...

Already said a prayer!! Good to know you are enjoying life!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! It's not broken:) Amy Floyd PS, your horses are gorgeous:) You will never have a free minute again!!

april_sp1 said...

Oh my!! I just about fell out of my chair! I am glad that you have been so busy, that will keep you out of trouble for sure. I miss you! We need to get together soon. :)

Karen said...

Leslie! I love it when you update your blog!!!