Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know it's Jan 3, but I consider this my first day of the new year! my schedule is back on track, I did love Jim and Zach being home for 2 weeks but I like my schedule too, just the thought of getting the house back in order, decluttering, making new plans, life changes or resolutions, getting organized and starting new crafts! it's all very exciting to me and I feel so inspired :) I really should pretend to have a "New Years" every few months to keep myself motivated! ;)

Here are some things I want to do, change, conquor...or whatever.... lol

  • I would love to run more again, if a person gets pretty much in shape and loses almost 15 pounds, why would they quit and gain the weight back?  it was not easy for me to lose those 15 pounds either, this girl likes to eat :) yes that dummy would be me! geez, I was really dying running the 3 miles today, someone kick me next time okay?!! but at least I ran today, it's a start! :)

  • I would love to find a church family again, I miss our old church, I miss the people, thank God we still are able to be around some of them!  I know it can't be the same again but I get sick of bouncing around from a few different churches, I love that Zach has his youth group to go to and that we attend that same church, I just want to feel at home there ya know?

  • I really want to keep up my blog, can I handle posting once a week?!! ha! maybe I can bribe others to do it with me since they have blogs and don't keep them up either, you out there know who I am talking too :)

  • My garden...oh I miss my garden! I love to garden, why have I not gardened lately? I miss my huge abundance of cherry tomatoes, I miss all my trials of new veggies, I miss thinking of my dad and mom since they loved to garden so much, sooo I am going to do my garden and keep it going, I am not going to let other things get in the way! I am going to start preparing the soil in about 2 weeks, March will be here soon!

  • Decluttering....(rolling my eyes here) yes I NEED to declutter every room of my home or I am seriously going to end up on that show Hoarders ;)

  • Crafting...I really miss my scrapbooking since sewing has taken over! I want to scrapbook more and still sew!

  • I would love to use my camera better! anyone who has this nice of a camera should know more about manual mode! especially since I have had it a few years now...again, I am lame

  • I want to keep learning my ASL! I LOVE it, sometimes I get so fustrated when something doesn't come easier to me but I am loving everything I am learning, it's so fun and inspiring and it's something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do and am actually doing it! its a dream come true...seriously!

  • and of course, work on my confidence and my worrying. These past few months I have been letting the worrying really control me and get in the way and run my life and emotions. I really need to remember I have no control over what others think or do, I need to live my life,  but between relying on God and doing things like learning ASL and exercising more I think my confidence will rise and my worrying will lessen? I hope so!
The one that I might slack the most on is my learning to use my camera better...the others are what I used to do just need to start again!

Anyways...enough of all that! Christmas was good, nice and quiet. We did go to San Manuel on another day to see the kids and grandkids, we had a really nice time, as always... :)

Aren't Madi and Raelynns little crocheted hats the cutest on them? my friend Dianne made them! Thanks again Di!

oh and one other thing, Jim put some new shelves up in my craft closet and I have been organizing my craft room, I am sooo inspired and can't wait till I organize all my crafty fun stuff! I will show pictures soon!


Karen said...

Leslie! Happy New Year, my friend!! You've got some really great goals for yourself. I know you can accomplish them all!!!

I'm happy to see you blogging and can't wait fior you to post some of your awesome crafts!!

Dee said...

Wow! That's quite a list! Don't forget to let yourself be:

wrapped in His His peace...feel His presence and let His strength carry your through your wishes and plans!

The pictures were fun to look at, thanks for sharing! Hoping this year is a blessed one for you!

ps if you send me your addy, my PIF can know where to go!


April :) said...

Yay! I am so happy to see a new post! Good for you for setting some goals for the year! I have lots of plans for this year too! We need to get together!