Tuesday, December 14, 2010

middle of Dec?!!

geez and I behind or what? procrastinator is becoming my middle name :)

anyways here is out hunting picture from late Oct, I don't think I have shared it yet? maybe...

This past weekend (one before last) Zach had the opportunity to go to ATF (Acquire the Fire) and had a great time!
Poor Jim has been working a lot of overtime! I mean we are sooo very blessed to have him have such a good job and is working but all the overtime comes when it's so nice out :)
My signing is going wonderful! I had THE BEST week last week and today signing! last week I had to sign a VRS paper to my old class while I was able to watch them sign songs, it was so much fun, then we went for lunch and we all had to be deaf and not talk, since my teacher  (he is deaf) was there :)  it was so fun and I just love learning ASL, I can't believe I am learning so much now compared to being in the actual classroom, the private lessons are perfect for me!
There is a tiny bit of sewing going on..not as much as I would like, I really need to get my rump busy this weekend and next week :) these lovely fabrics came in the mail.....lucky me huh?!!


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