Thursday, November 11, 2010


Goodness! well I started a new blog to make a fresh start, thinking I had my time a little more managed, got crazy and busy again. School is still going on, I LOVE learning ASL, hard? YES, fun? YES, challenging? YES. Its really great and I have the best teacher, thank God he is super patient and very helpful and understanding!

I wanted to post yesterday (Wednesday) because I wanted to start a "Wow God Wednesday" post, the Christian Radio Station that I listen too, KLOVE 105.5 (Phoenix area), does that every Wednesday, also on Mondays they do a "Make a difference Monday" anyways, I have a story to share with ya, my sister Laurie (black and white swimsuit) went into the hospital 2 weeks ago, she was pretty sick but hanging in there, on a Friday she went downhill fast, she was doing horrible, my mom, Zach and I drove up to Flagstaff to go visit her, I tried to prepare myself for what I was going to see, I knew they had put her on a ventilator to breathe and she was heavily sedated but I was not prepared for what I saw, Laurie did not even look like her, she was so very sick, since Friday I had been praying to God, begging Him to give her another chance, to heal and help her. Sunday when I was there visiting, doctors and nurses told us that she might not make it through the night :( I felt so scared, scared for Laurie, her daughter Amber, scared for my family, how would we go on without her?  Sunday and Monday  we got great news, she had 2 good nights and seemed to be improving a little, Tuesday they took her off the ventilator, Wed night I was able to talk to her on the phone!!! she can't talk much and it's hard to understand her but she even joked how there were cute guys in the hospital  LOL she is doing so much better, it is a miracle!!! God answered prayers and I am so very thankful to Him. It was a Wow God Wednesday!  Laurie is doing good and improving, she has a long ways to go but I just want to thank you, those who prayed.

Also, Zach turned 17 years old! the only thing he really wanted was a morph suit, Zach doesn't ask for much so I caved and got it for him :)

yes weird but all the cross country kids are getting them and from what I gather and have been finding out that they are quite popular at colleges and even around town.

We also did our deer hunt, Jim was sucessful and Zach was not, but that was okay, we had a good time!
So with all that, that is why I haven't been around!  ;)
Thats it for today! it was a tad bit too long of a post but I had to get the family caught up on whats going on!

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