Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cadet and Speedy

  Its been a while since I shared a post on our 2 oversize pets, Cadet was not feeling well for quite a while so there was no riding for over a month, we did our DUH (Down Under Horsemanship) training a little just to work with them a little and  keep up some of the training, we had the vet out again and she gave us the go ahead on riding! yay! we took them out last Saturday and they both did great! Of course, I forgot my camera so today I took a few of them :)
Here is the sweet, flamboyant, very stubborn and onry Cadet. He is a big ol' boy, 17 years old, 16.1 hands and about 1300 pounds! He is a Morgan (old style, from what I hear, I guess Morgans are smaller now).

Here is Speedy, he is very sweet too, he is a very loyal horse and has to build trust with you before he lets you in, he has a dark side but only shows it once in a great while and gets in big trouble when he does! He is about 13 years old, 16 hands and about 1,150 pounds. He is Quarter Horse and Thouroughbred

Not sure how we ended up with 2 big horses, but they are keepers and most of the time they made us look like we know what we are doing. Jim is a lot more daring with Cadet than I am with Speedy, and sometimes I worry that I will ruin Speedy when I carry a nervous trait with me when I ride, most of the time I do pretty good but I know Speedy senses it.
Both are geldings, both are dominant and neither one, in 8 months has given up being the dominant horse, at times they bite and kick through their panel (we have a 50x50 corral  split in half with panels so they each have 25x50) but usually ride together beautifully, EXCEPT that one time when we were loping and Speedy took off with me like a crazy horse and kicked out at Cadet and Jim, I thought I was going to fly over Speedys head and Jim was trying to hang on while Cadet was dodging a kick while loping. At the time I was so scared and didn't get after Speedy as quick as I should have....he better watch out because now I am more experienced! ha!
One of my goals is to possibly try gymkhana, I am nervous and I know Speedy has done barrels before, is he gonna go crazy on me like some of those horses do there and get all wound up? will that dark side come out? or will he be the good boy that he is *most* of the time?
We sometimes think we need to get another horse,  Zach kind of wants a horse of his own horse but worries with just graduating high school, starting college and a job in just a few months, will he be too busy? should we just get one anyways? if one horse is sick or injured we would have a back up? hmmmm...still not sure

These 2 act like they don't like each other half the time and then when one leaves, they have a fit! hopefully they can find a happy medium :)

And speaking of horses, some friends, John and Ranae,  that also do DUH, are now doing Podcasts, go check them out! They are way ahead of us in the horse training area but have definetly been an inspiration to me!


Dana Gaffney said...

I don't know anything about horses, except these two look beautiful to me. Do you have room for another one? If Zack's still at home I say go for it.

John Harrer said...

That's a nice looking crew. They look like the perfect horses for you guys. It's nice to see pics of them.

Thanks for the podcast plug. Hope you enjoy them.