Wednesday, November 17, 2010

pinwheels, fabric and books!

3 of my favorite things!  anyways...I have done a little organizing with my fabric, finally!  after Jodi at Pleasant Home encouraged us to get our fabric scraps organized and start sewing with them, I did and it feels so good! I was surprised that I had a lot more red and pink scraps more than anything else when I really love to use  oranges, blues and greens. See how my fabric is squeezed onto those shelves? I now realize that I need these huge shelves strictly for fabric, not the tons of scrapbooking paper I have and binders and paper work for ASL :) I have been inspired more after organizing and refolding some fabric and have started making some of the items on my Christmas list

Here is a block for my pinwheel table runner, I am using lefover vintage fabrics from cutting blocks for a simple vintage quilt that is in the works

and if you want a good read, get this book! I want to start some of those quilts that she has in the book, but they might have to wait till after Christmas!

Thats about it here, just doing some major ASL studying since I have had family here and other things going on, so I am playing catch up, I hate it when I get behind.

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