Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am so blessed (and a new blog, finally!)

I just have to say that I am very blessed! over the past year I have really found out who is there for me! I just have to say that I have some great family and friends to lean on! God is good :)

I have been wanting to switch to blogger for a while now and I finally started to do it! I was being a great procrastinator taking my sweet time adding my projects to this new blog. When I had my old blog she sews and scraps , it was fun and I really did like typepad but with different and new changes (and some changes I had no control over), happening  in my life, I kept thinking it was a good time, plus blogger is free! I am all about free!

so anyways...on with the new!  I still have more to add, especially pictures that I want to keep on here for family that do look at my blog :) have a wonderful day everyone!
oh and especially for the family that wants and needs to see more pictures of Zach (and one of all of us!) that I have not posted, here ya go!
                                                    first day of being a Junior in high school!
                                                                 our 13th anniversary!
                                                            Zach running cross country


Dee said...

Isn't it amazing who we choose to share out lives with and who chooses to share their lives with us!

You shine!

spluckygirlart said...

who is this man you call your son? :) I found your blog in a round about way and this is my third attempt to leave you a comment. I kept typing stuff wrong. We are supposed to go to coffee!! Cassidy keeps hounding me:) Miss you!!